Preparing the EEC for a chip

A special thanks to Mikael of Redlined Performance Mustangs
For providing this How-To.

  • Where's my EEC?
  • How do I remove my EEC?
  • How do I take apart my EEC to clean it?
  • How do I clean my EEC contacts?
  • Am I done yet?
Your EEC is located behind the passenger side kick panel (the plastic panel by your right foot if you sit in the passenger's seat).
Pop it off and you'll see this.

Disconnect the three harnesses. Left to right. squeeze the tab, don't pry up. Push in the little tab.
The two small bolts that hold the bracket that holds the harnesses in place are 5.5mm heads.
The one small bolt (hidden in this picture) goes through the white plastic holder and has a 7mm head.
The bolt that goes through the main EEC harness and bolts to the EEC has a 10mm head. It's long so be patient.
When you pull the three harnesses out of the way you can see your comp code here.

Now that you have your EEC out, take the case apart. There are 6 bolts (5.5mm heads).
Once you have removed that panel, gently pull the back panel away too.
There is a yellowish plastic pin in the center of the EEC board that you can gently push on to pop the backing panel off.

Now that you have the EEC apart, wipe off the grease that's on both sides of the connector.

Yes, there's a lot of it.

I use fine sand paper to scuff off the silver colored potting. Be gentle.
This pic shows what it looks like to start (left) and when it's nearly done (right).

Now it's completely scuffed off. Nice and coppery.

Wipe it off with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton ball or three.

Install your computer chip, and tape it up solidly so it doesn't jiggle loose. Installation of EEC is reverse of removal of course.

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